Zero to $100K – How to start a business FAST [Video]

Zero to $100K – How to start a business FAST

Growing and scaling a business might seem daunting, but with this simple set of steps, you can progress from zero to 100k in revenue.

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Daniel Priestley outlines the 4 essential steps using the acronym CAOS:

1. Concept
2. Audience
3. Offer
4. Sales

Let’s explore these in more detail.

Concept is your starting block. It’s what your business stands for. To form a strong concept, consider three elements: your passion, a problem you can solve, and something people will pay for. These should intersect perfectly like a Venn diagram, balancing what excites you, what’s needed, and what’s profitable. Aim for a middle ground without leaning too heavily on one aspect.

Moving on to Audience, you need to attract attention and maintain interest. Audiences are of two kinds: dormant and active. Dormant audiences aren’t looking for your services yet, while active ones are already searching. The trick is to engage the dormant group, the larger pool, by providing content that sparks a ‘lightbulb moment’. This could be through insightful articles, checklists, or criteria that turn their passive interest into an active one.

Once you’ve identified your audience, the next step is to build it. This involves encouraging them to join a community, like a WhatsApp or Facebook group, or attend events. This ‘audience building’ signifies their interest in your business.

Next up, Offer. Instead of creating an offer based solely on your skills, turn it around. Ask your audience detailed questions about their needs and preferences through surveys. This will help you tailor an offer that’s irresistible because it’s exactly what they’re seeking, not just what you can provide.

Finally, we tackle Sales. Surprisingly overlooked in formal education, the art of sales is crucial. Every sale is about helping customers move from an unsatisfactory reality to a desired one, smoothly overcoming obstacles. For a sale to happen, you must communicate how your offer provides a straightforward journey to their ideal scenario.

Sales hinge on three pillars: logic, emotion, and urgency. Logic addresses the practical benefits, emotion connects with the customer on a personal level, and urgency emphasizes the importance of acting now rather than later. Mastery in sales demands proficiency in all three areas.

In essence, with these four elements—Concept, Audience, Offer, Sales—you can achieve your first significant earnings, paving the way to further growth.

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