Why Most Creatives Fail Online: 2024 Strategies for Visibility, SEO, and Content [Video]

Why Most Creatives Fail Online: 2024 Strategies for Visibility, SEO, and Content

SEO for Creatives: Strategies for Lead Generation, Keywords & Content Creation

Are you struggling to attract the right clients and make your brand stand out online?

Join Chris Do as he sits down with Jule Kim, diving deep into the essential strategies every creative needs to know to dominate online. In this conversation, we uncover key insights that have the power to transform how you attract, engage, and retain your audience online.

🌟 What You’ll Learn:
🎯 Audience Insight: Understand and engage your audience better with laser-focused insights.
πŸ” SEO Mastery: Unlock the secrets of SEO to optimize your content and rank higher on Google.
πŸ‘‘ Content Creation: Elevate your authority with targeted content that resonates and ranks.
πŸ’‘ Brand Power: Explore how a brand identity can earn trust & recognition from your audience.
🌍 Reach & Impact: Strategies to make your brand appealing both globally and locally.
πŸ”— Backlink Building: Tactics for acquiring quality backlinks to enhance your website’s authority.
πŸ“ˆ Analytics for Growth: Utilize analytics to refine your strategies and achieve continuous growth.

This deep dive with Chris Do and Jule Kim arms you with the strategies and insights you need to make a significant impact. From understanding the nuances of SEO to mastering the art of content creation that speaks directly to your audience, you’re now equipped to elevate your online presence and attract the clients you’ve always wanted.

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✏️ In This Episode:
00:00 – Intro
04:03 – The Benefits of High-Quality Leads
06:26 – The 3 Foundations of SEO (Content, Speed & Popularity)
10:09 – The Beauty of Backlinks
13:12 – The Dark Side of β€˜Shady’ Backlinks
14:47 – Content: What it is & Why it’s πŸ‘‘
16:18 – Mastering Keywords
24:25 – How SEO Works
42:47 – Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)
44:36 – Content Ideas
48:28 – Jule’s Competitor Tip πŸ™
51:48 – Should You Optimize All Platforms?
55:48 – How Triggering Event Works
1:00:14 – Don’t Miss These HUGE Mistakes!
1:04:19 – Conclusion

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Host: Chris Do (Bald Asian Guy Talks About Business)
Cinematographers/Editors: @RodrigoTasca & @Tascastudios MOCS Media

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