Why Creative Work Is Less Valuable In 2024 [Video]

Why Creative Work Is Less Valuable In 2024

In the past decade, hiring a crew with expensive gear to shoot videos was a norm. But those days are over. Technology has leveled the playing field, lowering the barrier to entry. The shift we see now is from being paid to produce videos to being paid to host them.

Take Enes, for example. He showcases multi-million dollar properties, not because he has the best camera, but because he has a captivating personality. His videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

Here’s the key takeaway: You need to transition from being behind the camera to being in front of it. There’s only one you, and by hiding, you’re holding back your unique value. Many can operate a camera, but few can engage an audience with their words and presence.

Embrace this shift and let your personality shine. That’s where the real value lies

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