Top 5 Ways to Send Bulk Emails using Gmail (Gmail Email Marketing) 2024 [Video]

Top 5 Ways to Send Bulk Emails using Gmail (Gmail Email Marketing) 2024

In this domain registrar guide, I share my top 5 best domain registrars for small businesses in 2024

Choosing the right domain and from the right domain provider is important when building your brand online.

Let’s break down and identify the right domain registrar for your business.

► Get started with my top Gmail email marketing methods here:

✅ Grab the Mail Merge template here (Free template) ➜

✅ Learn more about my Sheetify CRM here (Claim 10% discount: SHEETIFY10OFF) ➜

✅ Learn more about Streak here (Gmail inbox CRM) ➜

✅ Learn more about GMass here (Bulk email Chrome extension) ➜

✅ Learn more about Gumbamail here (Bulk email Chrome extension) ➜

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► Relevant video resources that you may find helpful:

➜ How to use Mail Merge:

➜ How to use Sheetify CRM:

➜ How to use Streak:

► Today we navigate through the below chapters for this Gmail email marketing guide:

0:00 Intro
00:55 Method 1 with Mail Merge
01:53 Method 2 with Sheetify CRM
02:50 Method 3 with Streak CRM
03:40 Method 4 with GMass
04:09 Method 5 with Gumbamail
04:38 Which is the best Gmail email marketing method for you?
04:49 Outro

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