PepsiCo’s Secrets for Talent and Culture. [Video]

PepsiCo’s Secrets for Talent and Culture.

Are you looking to build a team of unicorns 🦄 for your business?

Dive into this enlightening conversation with Chris Do as he sits down with PepsiCo’s SVP and Chief Design Officer, Mauro Porcini, to uncover the secrets of identifying, nurturing, and retaining exceptional talent. 🌟

Mauro Porcini shares his expertise in creating a culture of innovation and the critical role of a Chief Design Officer in shaping both products and team dynamics. Whether you’re hiring your first employee or managing your 300th, this video will equip you with the strategies you need for a thriving, loyal, and productive workforce.

Key Takeaways:
✅ How to identify individual superpowers in your team
✅ The importance of embodying the traits you seek in others
✅ The art of inspiring your team for maximum creativity and loyalty
✅ Balancing fair compensation with nurturing a shared vision
✅ The Chief Design Officer’s role in finance, HR, and corporate culture
✅ Blending disruption & integration to propel business value

Mauro Porcini doesn’t just talk the talk; he’s backed by years of delivering concrete results and has cultivated an environment driven by love and respect at PepsiCo.

In this episode:
0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Identifying People’s Superpowers
01:03 – Strategies for Hiring the Right Talent
02:06 – Personal Development and Role Modeling
03:08 – Growing and Retaining Talent within a Company Culture
04:08 – Compensation and Rewards in Talent Retention
05:11 – The Crucial Balance in a Chief Design Officer’s Role
06:22 – The Dance of Disrupting and Integrating

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Host: Chris Do
Producer: Mark Contreras
Cinematographers/Editors: Stewart Schuster @RodrigoTasca & @Tascastudios MOCS Media

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