Orders started pouring in when I accidentally did this thing – how to start a business in 2021 [Video]

Orders started pouring in when I accidentally did this thing – how to start a business in 2021

I couldn’t figure out where these orders were coming from … until … -Renae

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E12: Quitting my Job, Starting a Business & Winning 14 Awards with Parm Bhangal [Video]

In today’s episode, we speak to award winning Parm Bhangal - Founder of Bhangal’s Construction Consultants which started in 2010 providing quantity surveying, estimating and project management services. Parm quickly recognised a second gap in the market which led him to opening his second business, My Build Estimate, providing online estimating services to private clients, builders merchants and professionals in the construction industry. Parm has won fourteen awards through various organisations including Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 in the SME National Business Awards and Small Business of the Year also in 2019 in the SME Northamptonshire Business awards. In our conversation we also go on to discuss the book he has written, “5 Steps to Small Business Success”, which is aimed at helping people running their own business and we also talk about a new venture that he is about to launch in the food industry.More recently, Parm has launched his business coaching business which aims to help people in the construction and property business through his Mastermind events and One to One coaching.Bhangals Construction Consultants: ( Bhangal: ( recorded on September 2021Business Over Chai ResourcesOur mission is to share startup stories that will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs across the South Asian community. #businessoverchai Co-hosts: Andy Paul & Sunny Nagi- Website: ( Instagram: ( Facebook: ( LinkedIn: ( Twitter: ( Linktree: ( us a review!If you enjoyed this episode please leave a 5 star review wherever you're listening! Don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with your friends and family!DisclaimerThe views and opinions expressed in this podcast are of the guest and/or co-hosts and are not representative views held by employers or other related parties.



Hey you guys, here is a mini vlog of my one year lash business anniversary branding shoot. This has been an amazing and challenging journey so far. I’m thankful for all of the support. Give this video a thumbs up while you’re watching. I hope you all enjoy my content as much as I do when filming. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe! 🔔....SHARE AND HELP ME REACH 700 subs SUB Count:669 on the road to 1,000k+subs 🥳FOLLOW ME:*Instagram: @__myaevonneFOLLOW us on Instagram,*Business IG: @m.e.kollextionFOLLOW my lash page:@mesmerizingminksbymyaevonneHere Is my booking link business inquiries please contact email listed below.*Business Email:✨Check out my recent videos‼️➡️ A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LASH TECH | I AM A LASH TRAY VENDOR NOW| MINI UPDATE| LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR➡️ My Journey As A Lash Tech | Mini Update | Watch Me Decorate My Suite !!!!➡️ Our First Mommy and Me trip to Orlando Florida| Universal Studios | Family trip 2021➡️ I GOT MY SUITE 😱| MINI LIFE UPDATE| TIPS ON BECOMING A LASH TECH| WATCH ME MAKE CUSTOM MINK STRIPS➡️ MY FIRST VOLUME LASH CLASS | CERTIFIED LASH TECH | BEGINNER FRIENDLY | LOAE EP 18.➡️ MUST WATCH TO THE END😂 | MIAMI VLOG 2021 | FIRST TIME IN MIAMI WITH THE VIBES| VLOG WITH ME‼️➡️ VLOG WITH ME| SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY | GYM RUN | LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR| EPISODE 13.➡️ ESSENTIALS FOR RUNNING AN ONLINE BUSINESS | GOT MY LLC🎉 | BUSINESS MOTIVATION | LOAE EP 17.➡️ AFFORDABLE RING LIGHT UNBOXING| $30 AMAZON 10” RING LIGHT| EMART➡️ DIY: NUDE LIPGLOSS | WATCH ME WORK | LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR EP. 16 |➡️ MY FIRST SHEIN HAUL | TRY-ON | CLOTHING HAUL |➡️ MY FIRST POP-UP SHOP| DIY | LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR EPISODE 15.➡️ DOLLAR TREE POP UP SHOP HAUL| DIY FLOWER BACKDROP | LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR | EP. 14|➡️ Natural Hair Update | Length Check | Straightening My Natural Hair➡️ WATCH ME FILL MY NEW FALL GLOSSES | MONTH LONG BLACK FRIDAY SALE| LOAE EP 12.|➡️ DAY IN THE LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR COLLEGE MOM | SHIPPING ORDERS | GYM RUN | LOAE EP. 11| ➡️ DIY HOW TO MAKE GLITTER LIPGLOSS PT.2 | NEW GLOSS FORMULA| LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR| EPISODE 10. ➡️ ✨DIY GLITTER LIP GLOSS💋 SUPER EASY | LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR | EP. 5 |➡️ HOW TO SHIP ORDERS FROM HOME| USING WIX| RELAUNCH DAY| LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR | EPISODE 9.➡️ DOES TOTAL LIFE CHANGES PRODUCTS ACTUALLY WORK?| 3 1/2 Weeks PROGRESS UPDATE| 1 MONTH OF JOINING TLC➡️ 21ST BIRTHDAY PHOTOSHOOT VLOG|BUSINESS BRANDING SHOOT| LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR| EPISODE 8.➡️ HUGE $2000 BUSINESS INVENTORY HAUL | REBRAND/RELAUNCH + LIFE UPDATE+ MANIFESTATION | LOE EP. 7|➡️ ONE YEAR BUSINESS ANNIVERSARY 🥳| WHY AM I REBRANDING ?| BUSINESS TIPS 💡| LOE EP. 6 |➡️ NEW INVENTORY HAUL PT. 2 🛒‼️|LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR | EP. 4| NEW PRODUCTS ADDED🛍➡️ How To Make Lip Gloss| LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR | EP. 3|➡️ NEW INVENTORY HAUL‼️| LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR | EP 2. |➡️ VLOG WITH ME‼️| LIFE OF A ENTREPRENEUR| EP. 1 | SMALL BUSINESS TIPS | MINI DOLLAR TREE HAUL ‼️*I don’t own copyrights to any music in video *


WHY I AM STARTING A BUSINESS | How the shoe business idea came about [Video]

It has always been my dream to start a shoe company, but it has also been clear to me that I didn’t want to start a new brand just to be another designer label. If I was going to do start a business, it has to offer more value than just making a pair of beautifully designed and well-made shoes. The starting point of this footwear company came from a casual conversation with Guy, who owns a historical cobbler store in NYC and who I’ve been going to repair my shoes. After incubating the business idea for almost 2 years I finally decided to put it into action. Sustainable fashion is more than about making products with recycled or environmental friendly materials. To me, modern sustainability is a letter on craftsmanship — to be enjoyed, to be rejuvenated.Thank you for watching the video. Every view, comment, like, and subscriber has truly helped me to get to this point. I appreciate you more than you could ever know and I can't wait to keep sharing more on my journey with you in the future! LET'S CONNECT! ☟instagram : @kaiwenyen - @kaiwenyen - @kaiwenyen - @kaiwenyen - tok : @kaiwenyen - about me -Hi there! My name is Kaiwen. I'm starting a shoe brand and I love sharing my journey with you. I will be posting videos talking about my life, fashion, shoe design, starting a business, career journey, entrepreneurship, and more shoes - women's high heel shoes to be specific. Everything you want to know about starting a new business especially in the fashion industry is here. Please subscribe if you haven't already. I'm excited to have you join me on this new venture!


Keap Pro & Max Release Report - May 2022 [Video]

Customize the advanced notice time for appointments, customize the landing page URL handle, start building automation in the checkout form, and see the new Keap Marketplace. Watch to learn about all the new features and how they can grow your business. Links to each feature and video timestamps can be found below. Would you rather read than watch?View our product release notes here - We know automation is the great game-changer for small businesses. Sign up for one of our workshops on implementing automation that will help you succeed.Sign up for the live webinars here - & Max Improvements0:00 Intro0:33 Appointments advanced notice - Customize landing page URL handle - Contextual automation on checkout forms - Marketplace - out all our monthly and yearly updates here - is on a mission to simplify growth for entrepreneurs. We liberate and empower small businesses to strengthen their families, communities and economies. For 20 years, we have been helping small businesses get organized, follow up and automate to grow sales and free up time. Today, as the pioneer of sales and marketing automation software for small businesses, Keap serves more than 200,000 users globally.Try a free trial of Keap today out a demo of Keap LinkedIn:​ Instagram:​ Twitter: