KTown Connects podcast hosting mayoral forum on Feb. 4 [Video]

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Donny Stancato and Jason Hedman have hosted their “KTown Connects” podcast since August 2020, featuring weekly, hourlong interviews with community members.

Sunday afternoon, they’re trying something new with a mayoral candidate forum at the Rhode Center for the Arts.

“Typically, our KTown Connects events and fundraisers are a bit more on the fun and crazy side,” Hedman said. “This time, we are taking a more serious approach, and that is why we got Pete Serzant on our team. We wanted to have someone on board who can be mature, calm and collected, and deliver a pleasant experience as our moderator.”

Serzant, who hosts the morning news show on WLIP-AM 1050, has covered local politics “for nearly my entire adult life. I remember the first local election I covered was in April 2008. That election saw not only the election of Mayor Keith Bosman but also had the smoking ban — …