From Flipping Burgers to $1M Dollars a Year | Brandon Omoregie on Starting a Business [Video]

From Flipping Burgers to $1M Dollars a Year | Brandon Omoregie on Starting a Business

✅ If you’re READY to finally start your own business, enroll in the EXACT free program that Brandon Omoregie used to grow Offr. You’ll learn the framework needed to get your course up and running in 12 weeks…

✅ Foundr is a media and education company that produces content for entrepreneurs, and interviews world-class founders like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey and many more for its magazine, podcast, and online courses.

Meet Brandon Omoregie, the proud founder and CEO of Offr Group, a recruiting agency based out of Austin Texas, and creator of Offr Jobs, an online course that has helped over 500 clients secure higher-paying jobs.

In this episode of From Zero To Foundr, Brandon shares his incredible journey from flipping burgers, to realising his true talent and passions, to working with some of the biggest businesses of our time.

00:00 – Intro
1:15 – Introduce yourself, your company, your expertise, and where you’re located
1:47 – What big players have your company worked with and secured?
3:20 – Did you find that having these big companies helped leverage your brand?
4:50 – What was the real turning point, and how did you find Foundr?
7:02 – What made you decide to create your very own online course?
9:02 – Walk me through your first steps, how you created the course, how did you choose the name?
10:16 – How long did it take you to create the course?
11:33 – How did you feel when you pressed “launch”?
13:15 – How many people did you see enrolling?
15:00 – Walk us through the production of this course, did you have mentors? What processes did you have in place?
16:55 – What advice would you give to others who want to start a course?
18:40 – How has the course impacted your business?
19:45 – What were some of the techniques you had in place to grow course enrollments?
21:03 – How many email subscribers have you acquired?
22:08 – How is your business performing now?
25:02 – What’s the future for Offr Group?
25:44 – For anyone who has been considering launching an online course, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give to them?

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If you’re READY to finally start your own business, enroll in the EXACT free program that Brandon Omoregie used to grow Offr. You’ll learn the framework needed to get your course up and running in 12 weeks…

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