15 Short Video Ideas for Brands to SKYROCKET Views

15 Short Video Ideas for Brands to SKYROCKET Views

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If you’re wanting to create Reels for your business but don’t know where to start, this video is for you. Stay tuned!


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You’re wanting to get started with Reels or TikTok for your business but don’t really know where to start, 

or don’t know how to transition from making personal Reels to making Reels for a brand, this video is for you.

Video Outline
Intro (0:00)
Idea #1: Share Your Company Values (0:32)
Idea #2: Share Before And After Results (2:16)
Idea #3: Behind The Scenes Reel (3:31)
Idea #4: Show Your Product Or Service In Action (4:19)
Idea #5: Introduce Your Team Members (5:04)
Idea #6: Make A Reel Using A Trending Audio Or Challenge Relevant To Your Business (5:43)
Idea #7: Remix Or Duet Or Stitch Someone Else’s Video If It’s Relevant To Your Business (7:49)
Idea #8: Share User Generated Content (9:13)
Idea #9: Post A Q&A As Your Reel (10:13)
Idea #10: Share A Tip That Directly Helps Customers Achieve Their Goal (11:06)
Idea #11: Daily Or Weekly Routine (11:43)
Idea #12: Share Holiday-Themed Reels (12:41)
Idea #13: Share Lifestyle How-To’s (13:20)
Idea #14: Share The Reason You Founded Your Business (14:36)
Idea #15: Address A Customer Pain Point (15:46)

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