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Unleash Your Creative Power with James McCrae [Video]

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Unleash Your Creative Power with James McCrae

Discover practical tips and strategies to tap into your inner creativity and bring your wildest ideas to life.

In this insightful conversation with Coach Ajit, renowned creativity coach James McCrae shares valuable insights on unleashing your creative power and reaching new levels of innovation that can positively impact your life and business.

Key Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
01:13 Chasing perfection as an artist
05:00 Focus on intentions, not expectations
08:45 The Ying and Yang of creativity
12:15 Technique to activate your creativity
19:15 How your environment influences your creativity
20:52 Why obsession is key
30:00 How to know if pursuing art is worth it
35:28 Giving yourself permission to create
44:14 Ways to seek inspiration in everyday life
53:00 Best advice on building your creativity muscle
59:57 How to express yourself freely on social media

James McCrae is an author, poet, creativity coach, and founder of Sunflower Club, a global school and community dedicated to conscious creativity. To learn more about James McCrae’s work, visit his website at and follow him on Instagram at

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