BRAND, MARKETING & SALES … What’s The Difference [Video]

In this episode but I believe is the difference between brand marketing and sales and why it is important for any business owner who is looking to build a digital business online to have all three.—————————————————✅Lets Connect 📲Instagram TikTok Linkedin Facebook YouTube ✅Listen To The Content Marketing Secrets Podcast ğŸŽ§Apple Spotify —————————————————✅Creative Software I use to make my content ğŸŽ¨STREAMYARD is what I use to film all my video podcast episodes. It is the EASIEST way to create Great looking video content with minimal effort. Use this link to start your 14-day free trial I use CANVA for all my graphic design and overlay work on my live shows as well as thumbnails. Try now for FREE #personalbrandingsecrets #ashborland