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What I do when my launches flop… [Video]

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What I do when my launches flop… #carriegreen #shemeansbusiness

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#shemeansbusiness #carriegreen #womeninbusiness

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My biggest secrets to building a successful business [Video]

I’m hosting the The Dream Business, Dream Life Blueprint masterclass and I’d love you to join me for it!If you feel stuck and frustrated because you’re not making the progress you want in your business, then you’re going to love this FREE masterclass!Save your FREE spot here: on to the episode:What are the secrets to building a successful business in the long-term?I really wanted to show you behind the scenes, walk you through how I’ve done it and share the biggest lessons I’ve learned from this experience. I’m sharing:• The core moving pieces you need to figure out to run a successful business• How I got my business out there when I first started out and the first things I focused on• The behind-the-scenes numbers from my business and what I did to grow from one level to the next• What you need to focus on to succeed and scale Read the show notes here: xx. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .My Instagram: Instagram: #carriegreen #womeninbusiness