The Top Three Things That Sell Most Kindle Nonfiction Books – learn Book Marketing [Video]

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The Top Three Things That Sell Most Kindle Nonfiction Books – learn Book Marketing

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The Top Three Things That Sell Most Kindle Nonfiction Books – learn Book Marketing

What you will learn in this course ?

What you’ll learnGet continuous Kindle book sales… without marketing.Optimize any nonfiction book so it gets the most possible sales.Turn existing books into best-sellers.

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Jean Lurssen said, “”Very good, comprehensive and sound advice. The course is well paced. I

stayed glued to each lecture, because each one is filled with lots of

great tips that make great sense. I’ve been wanting to create a kindle

book for some time, but didn’t know exactly what was required, or what

would make one sell. I feel I know a lot more now.””

If you have, or plan to have, a non-fiction book on Amazon, you need this information.


name is Ian Stables, author of more than fifty Kindle books. I have had

several best-sellers. One book remained a best-seller for over two

years, without any further marketing or promotion.

I have

discovered what makes certain books outsell others. It’s what makes a

non-fiction book a best-seller and keeps it selling without any further

promotion. In this course, I an going to reveal how you can do the same.


you optimize your book a certain way, it will get the most possible

sales. This will ensure your book remains in the best-sellers without

any further marketing.

I am not teaching that you shouldn’t use promotion. I am going to show you how to make your book continue to sell after your marketing campaign ends.

After you run a promotion, you usually get a spike

in sales. This is because it is high up in the best-seller category.

Very quickly, the sales drop and the book disappears.

Other books remain in the best-sellers, despite no marketing or promotion. Why does their book stay there and yours doesn’t?


answer is that their book has three parts optimized for sales. This

means their book continues to sell well, pushing your book down and out

of the best-sellers.

After three years, I discovered how to

optimize these three areas. The result is that your book continues to

sell and stays in the best-sellers. No further promotion needed.


had a book that had no further promotion. It continued to outsell every

other book I published for more than two years. I studied it to find out

why. I also looked closely at other best-sellers to see what they did.

I discovered that

there were three areas which were set up a certain way. This was why

these books remained in the best-sellers.

In this course, I am

going to teach you how to optimize your book for sales. When done this

way, you well get the best possible sales results. No further promotion

required. Just a simple campaign to get initial sales and then you don’t

need to do any more. Eventually, sales will naturally slump. In that case, just run a new promotion to bump it up again.Watch the First Three Lectures for Free

Enroll now and optimize your non-fiction book so it CONTINUES TO SELL.

this is the best Book Marketing course. you can download and watch for free after enroll.


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