How to Grow on Instagram using Instagram Stories | Instagram’s “Link Sticker” and “Add Yours” [Video]

Join the Nas Academy with 20% discount and who knows… I might be your trainer in class!😎Use promo code: STEFANOS2 to Grow on Instagram using Instagram Stories?Instagram stories is a beloved feature but not the best one to grow… up until now! Because Instagram released 2 new features: the “add yours” and “link sticker”.These features, if used correctly, will help you reach new audience or sell products and services through Instagram. Finally, Instagram Stories have become a proper marketing tool.Follow me for more Creator Economy News.**Services I recommend**Sign up to VidIQ: BY Elena Palla, I am Stefanos and this is my comedy-driven, laughter-induced, information-sharing, news-producing YouTube channel.Subscribe by clicking the link below and never miss a thought-provoking video:, click that stupid bell for notifications!I am always looking for video ideas, so comment on this video or send me an email with your recommendations.Thank you very much for reading!Welcome on board!


How To Start A Business, Inspire Greatness and Be a Great Leader | DJ Kun Luv | Caffeine & Cupcakes [Video]

How To Start A Business, Inspire Greatness and Be a Great Leader | DJ Kun Luv | CaffeineHow to Start a Business, Inspire Greatness and Be a Great Leader with DJ Kun Luv a.k.a. Chukundi Salisbury on the Caffeine and Cupcakes podcast on Motivated Life TV.Hosts: Alvena Willis and Edward NewbinsSee other episodes of the Caffeine & Cupcakes podcast on Motivated Life TV: & Cupcakes———————————Provides a shot of energy with a dose of sweetness each and every week.Motivated Life————————Motivated Life is a lifestyle brand that strives to help people from around the world motivate, originate, succeed and inspire throughout life. Whether you’re an athlete, artist, actor, entrepreneur or someone just trying to grow…this brand is here to help you “Live a Motivated Life”.Our mission is to provide uplifting content that showcases people doing their best to “Live a Motivated Life”.Motivated Life Apparel————————————-Buy Motivated Life Apparel@ www.MotivatedLifeApparel.comEdward Newbins, is the CEO and Founder of Motivated Life and has his own personal channel at were he speaks about personal growth, business, fitness, film and comedy.Alvena Willis is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT) with a small practice who also works in the fashion and modeling industry in addition to owning here own beauty line called Body by Alvena .Disclaimer—————–These episodes are for mere entertainment purposes and nothing said in these shows (by the hosts or guests) are to be used as mental health, financial, legal or other professional advice. Individuals watching these shows should do their own research and find professionals whom they can work with on an individual basis to obtain the help or outcomes they desire.