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From 0 to Membership Launch in 2 Weeks | The Story of MyTribe [Video]

Starting and growing a successful membership site can take many paths. Jason David launched MyTribe in 2020, and now he’s sharing the tips and tricks for membership success that he’s learned along the journey from one-man show to supporting an entire team. Join us for a deep-dive into the launch strategy that helped him start a membership in two weeks, the most successful membership marketing strategies, the value of upselling your membership subscription, and more! Subscribe to learn more about making money from your videos – Jason David’s channel here – [Chapters]00:00 – Who is Jason David? 03:24 – Deciding to start a membership05:10 – Launching a membership in TWO weeks!06:44 – Why apps are HUGE for his membership07:51 – Why memberships increase in value over time08:55 – The business tools for a successful membership10:35 – Success with subscription upsells 12:30 – Marketing a membership on Facebook and YouTube13:54 – How to get people from social media to your membership site15:30 – Using paid ads to grow17:42 – Finding the right audience for your membership20:02 – The value of good customer service21:00 – The membership impactSee what Uscreen can do for you at Watch our on-demand demo to learn how Uscreen will help you monetize your videos: Have questions? Tweet us @uscreentvLearn how to monetize your content –