HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM IN 2021 || INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM EXPLAINED#InstagramAlgorithm #InstagramTips #InstagramTricksDo you want to know about Instagram algorithm and learn how to use it to grow on Instagram?In this video Instagram algorithm work is explained. I will share some hacks for your Instagram growth and tell you what to use for Instagram to become visible in the post feed. You will learn how to understand Instagram algorithm, what’s new in the Instagram algorithm OFFICIAL update 2021 and start developing either your personal blog or your business account. And even if you’re just a beginner, this video will help you to work out with the algorithms!On this channel I teach you how social networks algorithms work, how to make money understanding those algorithms and share some tricks to become more visible on the social media platforms you use. If you are a blogger, an influencer or your goal is to develop your own profile on Instagram, Tik-Tok or other platform, please subscribe and leave the thumbs up!Timestamps:0:00 – My Weird Intro1:22 – Instagram Algorithm Official Answer2:15 – Why did Algorithm happen at all? 3:29 – Instagram Algorithm earlier4:30 – Misconception #1 – THE great ALGORITHM 5:15 – Misconception #25:44 – Signals for Feed and Stories6:58 – TOP-5 Actions TO BE TAKEN ON THE POST for algorithm 8:20 – Other Considerations || Privacy and Security9:40 – Shadow Ban || Diversifying between Platforms12:33 – REELS Algorithm13:42 – Conclusion || What to do? 🌐 SOURCES 🌐The Paper from Adam Mosseri: Guidelines: Guidelines: me ✅Instagram @juliacaresTik-Tok @yuliacares__________________instagram algorithm, instagram algorithm 2021, how instagram works, instagram secrets 2021, how to grow instagram, instagram algorithm hacks 2021, instagram algorithm hacks, instagram tips and tricks 2021, instagram tips, instagram hacks and tricks 2021, hacks for instagram, tips for instagram 2021, instagram hacks 2021, instagram growth 2021, grow followers on instagram, grow followers on instagram 2021, instagram algoritm update, instagram growth hacks, instagram algorithm explained, how to grow instagram in 2021