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HR Optimization: How a Small Business Can Boost Efficiency [Video]

Every HR manager spends at least 8 hours per week completing manual and repetitive tasks. Plus, HR managers deal with the lion’s share of employee information and end up having to overcome a variety of challenges. Sign up for free airSlate Academy courses for HR managers and start spending more time on people, instead of paperwork. Get started now at everything you need to digitally transform your business with the airSlate Academy’s free online courses. From starter courses covering automation basics to expert certifications that demonstrate how to digitally transform your business.🔵 Get started with airSlate basics:🔵 Popular airSlate Academy courses:Business Processes Automation with airSlate in Action: Industry Use Cases Basics Analytics with airSlate🔵 Learn how to build automated workflows step-by-step:Patient intake Onboarding Requests and Approvals🔵 Partner with the most powerful business automation platform to delight your customers:🔵 Find everything you need to know about the latest business automation trends:🔵 Follow us on our socials to stay up to date:


Your Business Vision To Getting Traction [Video]

Business plan? Pah, don't need that, all you need is a business vision, an idea how to get traction and Gino Wickman's 'Vision Traction Organizer'. After 25+ years experience of writing business plans, that all I need anyway. In this short video I walk you through how I use it to pull together a better business plan for a meeting next week.#bestbusinessplan #betterbusinessplan #businessvision SCHEDULE A VIDEO CONSULT WITH ME ready? Here Are 3 Other Ways I Can Help BIT OF BACKGROUNDHi, I'm Nicola Cairncross and I've been a self-employed freelancer & business founder for over 25+ years now. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, I know I can help you - because I've been there. Every business I've started, I've marketed online, from scratch, with barely any budget.Watch Nicola In Action Live Here I Use Myself & Recommend:* Ring Light -* Blue Yeti Microphone -* Thrive Architect (Web Design & Leads Capture) -* Thrive Cart (Secure Payment Gateway) -* Active Campaign (Marketing Automation) - links above are affiliate links, you don't pay any more, I get an extra coffee!)Subscribe To This Channel Here MIGHT ALSO ENJOY"Unboxing: Steven Bartlett's 'The Diary' To Have Your Best Year Yet In 2023 Entrepreneurs' Secrets From 25 Years Experience(In Under 25 Minutes) Do I Manage My Money? Part 1 An Online Business In 2023 Best Practices For Making Good Decisions Gym Book Audio - Introduction @NicolaCairncross 2023