Kindle Book Marketing: Sell eBooks With WordPress Plugins – learn WordPress [Video]

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Kindle Book Marketing: Sell eBooks With WordPress Plugins – learn WordPress

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Kindle Book Marketing: Sell eBooks With WordPress Plugins – learn WordPress

What you will learn in this course ?

What you’ll learnMarket Your eBook Using WordPressKnow How Amazon KDP Works and why it is best to funnel buyers via a landing page first.How Gravity Forms works to build a better form for collecting customer data.Why you should have MailChimp to build a mailing list.General understanding of WordPress Plugins geared for book marketing.Understand which WordPress themes are specifically designed for self-published authors and marking your book.How you can host a webinar to promote your book and educate others.Start your own Podcast to promote your book or educate others about your subject matter knowledge.

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Lots of Good Information for More than Just eBook Marketing

The information provided in this course goes beyond eBook marketing. There is just a lot of good info on using WordPress, plug ins, and such. Many of the plug ins shared are a bit pricey, so I bookmarked the ones that I want to explore in the future. I like that the instructor doesn’t waste a lot of time and gets to the heart of the subject. I did skip around and focused on the parts that interested me most.

Very Comprehensive

Thanks. This course covers many areas where I have little knowledge. It is very helpful.

If You’re a Writer, This is a Must-Take Course

Although I’ve used WordPress for many years, I’ve never thought of it as a book promotional tool unto itself. I learned a lot about mailing lists and lead pages – the two areas in which I tend to be the weakest. Excellent material and easy-to-understand.


WordPress Plugins and WordPress Marketing tools I used to sell over 1,000 copies of my best selling self-published book. Learn how to sell more products, books, online courses and promote your business with affordable WordPress.

This is a course designed to help self-published authors like yourself market your books using plugins and tools that work with WordPress.

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Do you want to learn how to market your self-published book better online? Are you lacking what it takes to reach out and market to your customers? Are you staying in touch with your current clients? How are you bringing them back to your website? Is your website connected to your social media? In this course we cover the tools I have used to sell over 1,000 copies of my best selling book. It didn’t take a lot of money to do this and it is easy to do for most. I will show you how I did it and how you can do it too.

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Here is some of what you will discover during this course:

What tools to use for creating landing pages for your book. Finding great themes for self-published authors and free and affordable plugins for marketing. Selling your books with the popular WordPress Gravity Forms plugin. Start your own affordable email marketing list. So affordable it is actually free! How to grow your mailing list and build authority with webinars or a Podcast. How to promote your current self-published Kindle book and getting ready to market your next book. Finding great themes that can be setup in just a few hours. How to save time posting to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

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