Internal Revenue Service Pub. 583: Starting a Business (ASMR Quiet Reading for Relaxation & Sleep) [Video]

Internal Revenue Service Pub. 583: Starting a Business (ASMR Quiet Reading for Relaxation & Sleep)

Let’s relax with one of the dullest things ever read on this podcast. Like all I.R.S. Publications, this one is 50% information, 50% references to other publications, and 100% mind-numbing boredom. Which is why you’re here, after all. Enjoy!

0:00 Start & Shout-outs
1:13 Take a Breath & Let’s Read

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Ready to start advertising on TikTok? Today, we dive into a TikTok Ads tutorial for beginners. In this video, I share how you can simply create and run video ads on TikTok with the advertising platform called TikTok for Business.Creating ads on TikTok is similar to creating ads on Facebook. Both the Facebook Ads Manager and TikTok Ads Manager are very similar. Using TikTok for business is ideal for all types and sizes of businesses. You also have access to unique advertising objectives that include optimising your ads for driving conversions, sending traffic to your website, app installs, leads and more. Get started with TikTok here: Get started with the Invideo to simply create video ads here:*(This link is an affiliate link, which means we will get a commission if you upgrade to a paid plan through this link, this helps support our channel and we thank you in advance!) Want to learn how to use Invideo to create video ads? Check out this beginners tutorial: we cover the following chapters in this TikTok Ads tutorial:0:00 Intro01:25 Getting started01:46 Create TikTok for Business Account04:02 TikTok Ads Manager04:15 TikTok Pixel05:12 Create Ad Campaign05:37 Campaign Level (Choose Marketing Goal)07:26 Ad Group Level (Targeting)12:45 Ad Level (Video Creative)14:36 Invideo (Beginner Friendly Video Editor)19:26 Outro Are you interested in joining our small business community?Join us to receive actionable tips, tutorials and tools to grow your small business online (Subscribe to our email list) or join our exclusive community here: me know if you found this TikTok Ads tutorial helpful. Also, if you require any help or support, make sure to get in touch with us today.Thanks for watching and enjoy!#tiktok #tiktokads


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Here's a summary of my first year in business. What I've learned and what being self employed taught me. Starting a business isn't easy but did I make the right choice?MY BUDGET TEMPLATE - RESOURCES - CONTACT ME //BUSINESS ENQUIRIES - - you’d like to talk, I’d love to hear from you. Sadly I cannot reply to every comment or message, but thank you for supporting my channel.// AFFILIATE LINKS // - SIGN UP AND EARN £5!TOPCASHBACK - QUIDCO - // RECOMMENDED BOOKS //CLAIM YOUR POWER - ARE A BADASS - FASTLANE -*CK YOURSELF - SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK - FILMING GEAR //CAMERA - h - - - WHO AM I? //My name is Ewa and I'm from Carlisle in Cumbria. I'm a young entrepreneur running various businesses including being a mortgage planner (hence all the mortgage content!) My aim is to provide financial education to everyone but especially those of you who are looking at ways of escaping the rat race!PS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that mean I receive a small fee from recommending them, but it does not affect your price. This helps to support my work and channel, so thank you!


IKIGAI INDIA - Social Media . Digital Marketing. Branding. Web Solutions. #shorts [Video]

We at IKIGAI INDIA are the complete solution provider for the digital marketing, branding and positioning needs of your products and services. We are based in Chennai, South India. Our Mission is to deliver the most effective and affordable solutions in the industry. We focus on creating the most robust experience for our clients through our high-class digital marketing solutions. We always create the best possible strategy for our clients to achieve their business goals.Our Values: Our relationship with our clients is the most important bond. We treat all our clients with a standard of respect and equality no matter their influence. We work with dedication, honesty, and passion for the task at hand. Our team of experts is committed to working together with our clients to provide the best solution possible. We at IKIGAI INDIA aim at setting the benchmark in the field of digital marketing. We are committed to values, relationships and deliveryOur Team:Our team consists of handpicked individuals and experts based on their passion for work and talent in their respective fields. We believe in creative input, constructive criticism, and collaboration with one another for the most efficient work as the end result.Our Services : DIGITAL PROMOTIONSOur primary focus is to help your business grow online. We will help you create the right strategies and Online Forecast Module (OFM) to run your business online. We will assist and create the apt promotional services to get balanced and appreciated value for your brand. We can project gains through each digital channel and get you and analytical reports on your business and product growth path.SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGIt is always important to note that not all social media channels are created with the same purpose & vision. We help you determine which social media channels are suited for your business & brand and help you use various social media sites to promote the same online. We will work with you and create POA & KPI for your products & brand to promote on social media. We'll get you comprehensive data analytical social media reports which will help you to determine your target market. We will also build social media leads and bring people to your website. We will create promotions & advertising for your brand based on demographics and interests. These efforts help your products & brand get to the specific target market.BRANDING & PROMOTIONSOur branding services go beyond the normal stereotypes and traditional methods. We make sure the audience is made aware of your brand and product in a way that is easy to grasp and easier to understand. A brand and its services offered are the main objectives to gain consumer reach for maximum benefit.CREATIVE SERVICES & SOLUTIONSWe take your brand and its products and add a charismatic flair to make it an eye-catcher to the public. If you have a specific category or theme you want for your brand or product, we can input that as well. We diversify to every possibility that can be explored to ensure the best reach.ADVERTISEMENT SERVICESTo further your reach towards the consumer market, we offer a variety of advertisement services such as website banner ads television ads and diversify into short clips to be included and spread towards other social media platforms to get the most viable outcome.WEBSITE DEVELOPMENTWe build websites that help you achieve your business vision and goals. We can build a new website and help you convert your current site to change over using the new technology available. Since we strongly believe that when any company has a professional website as the face of their business, that will help build their company’s brand value and give them a competitive edge in the market.SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONWe use very apt winning strategies for our client's needs. We treat our clients as partners and help them gain complete access for our technical experts to understand the right digital marketing platform and provide the most integrated approach on how SEO’s help in making clients business needs, content management and website services at a very optimum level.EMAIL SERVICES & PROMOTIONSStaying connected to customers is the key to consistency for services. We provide updates via Email and promotional material. These aspects may contain any information about your brand’s update or other offers. We provide seamless connectivity between you and your customers to attain to make available the best solution for mutual benefit.HRMSOur expertise stretches over two decades where we have learned and witnessed the evolution of HR and its functions. Our Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) will help you build your HR department, its process management and policy framing for achieving your specific organizational goals. We will also develop a complete manual of policies and management of Human Resources based on the needs of the organization. This we will deliver by means of ‘Targeted HR Solutions’.