How to start a business with no money? [Video]

How to start a business with no money?

After you startup, the path of growth is equally important as the start itself. Many startup end up being a hobby. A great earth saving idea ended being a non growth business. How could these happen? How to avoid this from day one of your startup?

Understand the job of a startup CEO and plot a path of growth and monopoly. How to make a business that can grow and scale? How does a startup grow exactly? We plot the complete path. This clip discusses the elements of startup process.

Why some people become entrepreneur while others don’t? Are there any secrets to become an entrepreneur? is there a best practice to do so safely and eventually gain satisfaction in life from such endeavors? How do you prepare yourself differently if you want to be an entrepreneur?

Welcome to the Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship series, part 1.

In this part, we talk about the steps to become an entrepreneur.

There are two other parts. Their links are provided at the bottom. Part 2 talks about the elements of business. Part 3 talks about the elements of a startup.

The steps to become an entrepreneur involves many aspects. Every time we give one answer, you will hear this.

Let’s begin.

No matter if you are a Google employee, or a college professor, or a teen coding prodigy, starting up is hard for everyone. Most people don’t understand how others become entrepreneurs. In fact, most people become entrepreneur out of ignorance or desperation, and some even succeed.

Most people are confident. They see the tip of an iceberg, but they don’t know about the hidden part of the iceberg. Some people think forever and never act. Some people start and then fall into long deep struggle. Very few people become Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.

We will explain how one becomes an entrepreneur.

To become an entrepreneur is a three pronged story. It is about you. It is about business. It is also about a company. These three must mature and click together.
Focus now. Start now. There are six ways to think about this decision.
Most people’s first decision is wrong. Start, and then find the good idea.
Execution takes time. Don’t spend time thinking.
You should target a small success, but a solid one.
Big success comes after you finished the small success.
There is a whole world in a small niche – it takes time to learn and be number one. It will reward plenty. Even a small pizza restaurant will reward plenty. Even a minor copycat video platform for gaming would reward plenty. You don’t have to change the world.
No one becomes big instantly. They all grow from small.

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