How To Start A Business, Inspire Greatness and Be a Great Leader | DJ Kun Luv | Caffeine & Cupcakes [Video]

How To Start A Business, Inspire Greatness and Be a Great Leader | DJ Kun Luv | Caffeine & Cupcakes

How To Start A Business, Inspire Greatness and Be a Great Leader | DJ Kun Luv | Caffeine

How to Start a Business, Inspire Greatness and Be a Great Leader with DJ Kun Luv a.k.a. Chukundi Salisbury on the Caffeine and Cupcakes podcast on Motivated Life TV.

Hosts: Alvena Willis and Edward Newbins

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Edward Newbins, is the CEO and Founder of Motivated Life and has his own personal channel at were he speaks about personal growth, business, fitness, film and comedy.

Alvena Willis is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT) with a small practice who also works in the fashion and modeling industry in addition to owning here own beauty line called Body by Alvena .

These episodes are for mere entertainment purposes and nothing said in these shows (by the hosts or guests) are to be used as mental health, financial, legal or other professional advice. Individuals watching these shows should do their own research and find professionals whom they can work with on an individual basis to obtain the help or outcomes they desire.

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How to Start a Business with NO money [Video]

How to start a business in 2021 with no money.In this video I cover a specific strategy to launching products and starting a business with no upfront capital required. I show the behind the scenes of my recent Kickstarter launch for which I used this exact strategy. It can be summarized in the following 4 points1. Product / Idea2. REAL Customer Feedback (lots of it)3. Create store/brand 4. Launch 5. Rinse and RepeatThe Kickstarter project is a digital file design concept I was/am testing to see if selling digital files is a viable option. It was proven to be quite successful. I Created the entire campaign (except a friend helped with the writing), so the upfront cost was essentially $0 just a bunch of time to design the files. The point is to find something you are good at or passionate about. This is just mine, but you likely have your own skillset and interests that you can capitalize on. How to start a successful Etsy shop.-​​​Crate3d Youtube Channel with Ender 3 Give Away !!🚨 Kickstarter Project Subscribing 🚨​​​​​ 🚨MY FAVOURITE GEAR:🎥 My Camera -​​🔭 My Lens -​​⌨️ My Keyboard -​​📝 Best Notebook -​​📸 Instagram - @_austenhartley👀 WHO AM I ?!After graduating from Engineering school I pursued a quick professional football career in the Canadian Football League which is where I discovered the importance of financial management. I retied from the CFL after just two years to focus on business development and investing. I currently own and operate an Engineering Design and 3D Printing company and a few other businesses that are discussed on this channel ! 📝Get in touch with me here - austen@crate3d.comPS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I get a kickback from


Last week on our podcast, Paper Talk, we dove into the world of branding with Kalisa Jenne-Fraser and Missy Palacol of Kalyx Group. We loved and learned so much from our conversation that we extended into this week’s episode. Our focus shifted from finding the heart of your business (in short, the brand) to the ins and outs of marketing your business.You can read this episode’s show notes here:'T FORGET TO HIT SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOSJoin our Facebook Community: on our email list here: with us on our website: Follow us on Instagram: to Paper Talk Podcast on iTunes: US: We are Quynh Nguyen and Jessie Chui - two artists obsessed with paper flowers and the business of paper flowers. Through Paper Talk and Paper Flower Education, our mission is to share ideas and stories, to connect and engage with others, and grow as artists, crafters, makers, and entrepreneurs. Find out more at SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL & PODCAST:You can support our channel and podcast by being a Patron! You receive behind the scenes raw video footage of our recordings with our podcast guests and access to our podcast recording and release schedule. Plus, as a patron you get a shout out on one of our podcast episodes and exclusive access and offers to our events and products. Thank you so much for your small donation! Learn more on our Patreon page: can also support our channel by using our affiliate links below. If you sign up for a paid plan or if you purchase a product using a link, we receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thank you!OUR TOOLS & APPS OBSESSIONS:Canva Pro:


Here's a summary of my first year in business. What I've learned and what being self employed taught me. Starting a business isn't easy but did I make the right choice?MY BUDGET TEMPLATE - RESOURCES - CONTACT ME //BUSINESS ENQUIRIES - - you’d like to talk, I’d love to hear from you. Sadly I cannot reply to every comment or message, but thank you for supporting my channel.// AFFILIATE LINKS // - SIGN UP AND EARN £5!TOPCASHBACK - QUIDCO - // RECOMMENDED BOOKS //CLAIM YOUR POWER - ARE A BADASS - FASTLANE -*CK YOURSELF - SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK - FILMING GEAR //CAMERA - h - - - WHO AM I? //My name is Ewa and I'm from Carlisle in Cumbria. I'm a young entrepreneur running various businesses including being a mortgage planner (hence all the mortgage content!) My aim is to provide financial education to everyone but especially those of you who are looking at ways of escaping the rat race!PS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that mean I receive a small fee from recommending them, but it does not affect your price. This helps to support my work and channel, so thank you!