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Don’t miss out! Head to for more info or to register 🦁

Meet Melissa, a resident of Ontario, who recently completed the Whole Life Coach Certification for the second time. During her first experience with the program, Melissa discovered a lot of suppressed anger that she didn’t even know she had. After letting go of this anger, she returned home to her family and was able to shine a light on her children. Melissa no longer judges them and has discovered what true unconditional love means. As a result, her children are now able to heal themselves, and Melissa encourages other parents to wake up and be there for their kids. Melissa’s experience with the Whole Life Coach Certification program highlights how it can benefit individuals not just in their personal lives, but also in their relationships with others, especially their children.

If you’re looking for a life-changing experience like Melissa’s, then consider attending the Whole Life Coach Certification program. This program will help you unlock your true potential and discover the tools you need to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. Visit to learn more about the program and how it can benefit you. Don’t wait any longer to become the best version of yourself!

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Brave Heart Online Emotional Training

Brave Heart is mind-body medicine based on total love and was created for everyone. Within 33 Days, we will teach you the most valuable strategies and the most powerful tools to create profound and lasting change. You will become your true self by conquering your limitations. Prepare for the greatest adventure of your life!

Personalized Treatment & Training Retreat

Come stay with us, come train with us! This training is for singles, couples, care-givers and families. All protocols are tailored to the individuals’ needs. Discover your true self on a nutritional, emotional and physical level. With Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy, The 33 Day Awakening Transformation and The Perfect Day Nutritional Plan, you will become the master of your life.

Wolfe Deep Tissue

Wolfe Deep Tissue is the most powerful bodywork ever developed and is based on the knowledge, excellence and precise techniques that Dr. Wolfe has developed over 35 years. Learn how to reverse the underlying cause of chronic and acute muscular and skeletal problems, inflammation and injuries and sports injuries within only 7 days.

Wolfe Non-Surgical

The Nonsurgical Aesthetics course is the most effective non-invasive, anti-aging, body transforming therapy ever developed. We will teach you how to do a professional face lift, restorative abdominal lift, breast lift, pelvic clearance, and hip release. Get trained to become a leader in the Beauty and Health Industries.

Whole Life Coach Certification

This course has earned the reputation of being the most effective life-changing course in the world today. Take your training to the highest level, physically, nutritionally and emotionally. In just 6 days, achieve outstanding results in your life and in the lives of those you consult – with the Whole Life Coach Certification.

Combined Certification Courses

Together, the Whole Life Coach, Wolfe Deep Tissue and Nonsurgical Aesthetics Certification is called ‘the game-changer’ of health care. The Combined Course Certification has been designed to give you the most advanced tools, strategies and techniques in nutrition, emotional balance and therapeutic body restoration. Become a New World Practitioner today!

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Ep #466: Success Is Hard [Video]

You might be convinced that successful people have something you don’t. They got the right education. They have more self discipline. They’re just special. The truth is, you are capable of however much success you want. Discover the truth about success, why it’s both easy and hard to achieve, and why blaming yourself or others for not having it won’t bring you any closer to getting what you want. Get full show notes and more information here:

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Become A Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach - 1-888-421-3281 [Video]

"Get Certified as a Black Woman Christian Life Coach | Tips from a Certified Black Life Coach Trainer"Looking to become a certified life coach as a Black woman? Look no further! In this video, hosted by a Black life coach trainer and founder of an online Black life coach certification training company, you'll learn tips from a certified Black life coach on how to become a certified life coach and grow your business as a Black woman.Discover the secrets to success from top Black life coaches like Andrieka J Austin, Stephan Labossiere, Pastor R.C. Blake's, Jr., Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Gaskins, Stormy Wellington, Angel Richardson, Tomiko Lowry Pugh, Marshawn Evans, Shanel Cooper Sykes, Dr. Sonja Stribling, and Sara Jakes Roberts, Courtney Sanders.Enroll in our 1-day online life coach certification training for Black women of faith today and start building the career of your dreams. Open enrollment is going on now!Visit and or Call 1-888-427-2013 to get started.Plus, we've got some great FREE resources to help you get started, including a quiz to test your life coaching skills, a Facebook group for future Black life coaches, and a YouTube channel full of helpful tips and advice.Don't wait - start your journey to becoming a certified Black woman Christian life coach today!