Business Start-up Costs in Montenegro [Video]

Business Start-up Costs in Montenegro

Find in this video the costs associated with starting a business in Montenegro. You can visit us at for additional information.
Starting a Business in Montenegro

Opening a company in Montenegro implies considering various aspects.
Among these, the costs associated with the registration of a business are quite important.

Steps for Opening a Company in Montenegro

There are several steps to complete when opening a Montenegrin business, and these are:
– drafting and notarizing the incorporation documents;
– making a company seal;
– opening a bank account;
– incorporation with the Trade Register.

Main Costs of Opening a Business

The following costs can be associated with the incorporation of a Montenegrin company:
– the drafting and notarization of various documents;
– the translation of papers in the case of foreign investors;
– the company seal;
– the registration fee;
– the licensing fees.

Costs Related to Documents Preparation

There are various documents that need to be prepared when starting a business in Montenegro.
Among these, the Memorandum and Articles of Association are subject to drafting and notarization fees which vary from city to city.

Legal Address Costs in Montenegro

Having a legal address is a mandatory requirement when starting a company in Montenegro.
This can be secured by purchasing or renting a commercial space, or through a virtual office.

Share Capital Requirements

The share capital is one of the major costs related to starting a Montenegro company.
The minimum amount necessary depends on the selected business form.

Trade Register Fee

Montenegrin companies are subject to a registration fee upon incorporation.
The fee must be paid with the Companies House upon filing all the documents.

Business Start-up Services in Montenegro

If you need assistance in registering a company in Montenegro, we can help you.
You can also rely on our law firm in Montenegro for many other legal services.

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